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ReedGas policy is to consistently provide products and services at the level of quality that meets or exceeds the expectations that we have presented to our customers.  Our goal is to set the standards for quality in our industry.

     We believe that quality is everyone's responsibility.  Because quality depends upon people, all of our employees, regardless of job or position must be involved with and committed to continuous improvement of ReedGas products and services

     We provide an environment where our employees are encouraged to identify and help solve problems, and where improvement and contribution to quality are recognized.

      In any instance where we fail to live up to this policy, ReedGas will accept the responsibility to permanently correct the situation to the customer's satisfaction.  Anything less is unacceptable.

     Quality is our formula for success.  In order for us to continue to grow and prosper, our customers must recognize ReedGas as a company committed to quality in products and services.  Our jobs and future depends on how well we demonstrate to our customers that they can depend on us.

ReedGas Board of Directors

  • Lony Reed - Chairman
  • John McManus - President
  • Bryan Bundick - Vice President
  • Miki McManus - Secretary of Treasurer
  • Sylvia Fontenot - Director
  • Landy Fontenot - Director

ReedGas Employees

Eunice Location


David Reed - Marketing/Safety Director

Miki McManus  - Office Coordinator
John McManus - President

Landy Fontenot - Chief Financial Officer
Shaun Soileau - Accounts Receivable
Bryan Bundick - Vice President
Sylvia Fontenot - Computer Technician
Clifton Fontenot - Corporate Service Technician
Marcus Soileau - Propane Driver

Opelousas Location

Rebecca Broussard
Opelousas Office Branch Manager
Bryce Meche
Opelousas Propane Driver

Oberlin Office

Shawnacy Fontenot
Oberlin Propane Driver
Also known as "Slim"

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