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ReedGas Propane has been in business for over 71 years and is proud to service  Southern Louisiana.  Propane gas saves 45% on energy bills compared to electricity for heating, hot water, cooking, and clothes drying. 

We also offer underground propane gas systems.  It is our policy to consistently provide products and services at the level of quality that meets or exceeds the expectations that we have presented to our customers.  Our goal is to set the standards for quality in our industry. At ReedGas Propane our jobs and future depend on how well we demonstrate to our customers that they can depend on us.

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Are You Planning on Building??

Recessed Tankless Water Heater

Getting Propane Service with ReedGas can be one of the most trouble-free things you can do to improve your comfort, add value to your home and save money.

If you are planning on building a new home, or know someone who is building, installing propane gas appliances will help you save more money over the years than nearly any other factor.  As an example of how propane gas can provide you significant savings, U.S. Department of Energy study found using electricity to operate your appliances could cost up to twice as mush as propane!

Cozy moments by the glowing fire.  Family and friends laughing around a backyard barbecue.  A hot bubble bath.  The smell of something wonderful simmering on the stove.  The splashing water as you and your family relax by the pool on a summer afternoon.  An inviting path to your door that lets guests know they are always welcome.  A warmth to every room.

More that ever, people are discovering the many ways propane can improve and enhance the places they call home.  From the kitchen to the backyard, propane is a trusted and reliable energy source that is used year round by more than 60 million Americans.  And each day, more and more people choose propane for their homes as word spreads about its advantages.

Simply put, propane is an affordable, efficient, safe, clean, and reliable energy source that offers you peace of mind and personal satisfaction.

                     Aren't those the qualities you want for your home?

"Routable Program Spells Convenience"

The easiest way to avoid running out of gas is to get set up on a "Routable" delivery account with ReedGas Propane.  With automatic delivery, you don't have to order gas - we will make sure that you never run out.

    Remember, if you run out of gas, state law now requires that your propane supplier perform a pressure test of your home's system and relight the pilot lights on all your appliances when gas is reintroduced into your empty propane tank.  This means that the propane service technician filling your tank must be allowed to enter your home upon arrival to make sure your system is leak-free, with all appliances operating in a safe manner.

    Avoid the inconvenience and added expense of scheduling a tank fill-up and pressure test by reading your gauge regularly or by having your propane delivery account put on Routable status.

For more information and details, contact the Marketing Department at ReedGas Propane at:
                             1-800-737-5273 or (337) 457-4261

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"Underground Propane Tanks Are A Hidden Asset"

Love Propane but hate to see a tank in your beautiful yard.  Bury it!  Environmentally safe underground propane tanks provide homeowners with an option to having the tank sitting in the open yard.  Our underground tanks are available in sizes ranging from 250-500-1000 gallons a size to meet every need.  ReedGas Propane Company takes great pride in the safety and appearance of our propane tanks.  Each tank is pressure tested prior to installation and regularly inspected by our delivery personnel; ReedGas offers several affordable plans to purchase your underground propane tank.

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500 Gallon Underground Propane Tank

250 Gallon Underground Propane Tank

Above Ground Propane Tanks

120 Gallon Vertical Propane Tank

250 Gallon Propane Tank

500 Gallon Propane Tank

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