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                      ReedGas Crane Truck

Founder of ReedGas, LM Reed, is pictured on the right

Many people believe that History repeats itself.  Well, when L M Reed founded ReedGas back in 1935, there is no way that he could have known what he was starting.  L M Reed's vision for a successful small business in Eunice immediately became a 20/20 clear reality.  Keep it simple, treat your employees like people (not numbers), and deliver a product that customers need and desire. L M Reed later passed on ReedGas to his son, Lony R Reed.  Lony looked to build on the strengths of the company that his father set forth.  Lony's business philosophy was to A.I.M.  He believed the path to a successful small business was Accounts Receivables control, Inventory control, and Margin control.  Make sure that if you sell it-you collect for it; Make sure that your inventory is accounted for and make sure that you sell it for more than it cost you.  Lony R Reed instilled this philosophy in his daughter, Miki, and his son-in-law John McManus.  John took this philosophy and grew ReedGas into the success that it is today.  ReedGas now employs 23 workers and is a great example of how small businesses should operate. So who would have known that the people and trucks in these pictures would propel a company 79 years into the future with continued and elevated success?  History sure did.

Original Bulk Plant on Railroad
This is where our current bulk plant is located on the "Old Crowley Road" Ardoin Street just south of Eunice


Brooke McManus Francois
Momma Look at Me 3D/4D Ultrasounds

Congratulations to Brooke McManus Francois on the opening of her new business, "Momma Look at Me 3D/4D Ultrasounds" located in Eunice.  Brooke is the wife of ReedGas employee Nick Francois and the daughter of ReedGas employees John and Miki McManus. Congratulations Brooke on your new endeavor.


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Momma Look at Me 3D/4D Ultrasounds

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