GasKard 24

Provides 24-hour Unattended Fueling

Eunice Location

Opelousas Location

Oberlin Location

For Municipalities, Utilities, Private Fleets, and Self-Service

GasKard 24 Advantages

We sell only high quality, 100% gasoline with NO ethanol blend.  Pure gas, when compared to ethanol blend, can show a significant increase in mileage and performance, even in flexfuel vehicles.  100% gasoline is recommended in ALL offroad vehicles, power tools, boats, and vehicles manufactured before 2002.

  • 24-Hour Service - Year Around
  • Competitive pricing - Volume discounts available
  • Product Restriction if necessary
  • Security code for each user
  • Bulk fueling facility
  • Eliminate Dept. of Transportation rules and regulations for fuel storage
  • Instant invalidation of card upon request
  • You are provided with the ultimate in security, accountability, and dollar savings systems available

Reed GasKard 24 offers the most modern, secure, safe and economical fueling system available to fleet owners today

  • Saves money/accounting hours
  • Inventory/security control
  • 3 Convenient locations (Eunice, Opelousas, Oberlin)
  • Eliminates card holder from carrying cash for fueling purposes

Company will receive a monthly statement with invoice to include:

  1. A complete itemization of each user's purchases with dollars, gallons, speedometer readings

  2. Miles per gallon between fillups

  3. Time of day purchase was made

  4. Date of product type

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